Buckle In, It’s Training Time…

Today marks the start of a 5-day string of hands-on, focused, on-site training events for us. We’re calling this Asterisk Intelligence Week (listen, sometimes simplicity wins over creativity).

Personally, I’m excited because this is the first event where I’m allowed to intentionally get into the weeds and the details. We’re working with our attendees in person to do the work and get our hands directly on the tools.

It’s rewarding to see breakthroughs happen right here in the office, and with people who are dedicated to learning and mastering the same tools and concepts I work with every day. Training in person is a special experience – In my opinion we do use video conferencing very effectively for training here at CU*Answers, but tactics and strategies do come to life in a different way with in-person training.

Through both channels though…slowly and surely I am seeing a growing number of people begin to feel more empowered and comfortable with the reporting options in the core. Remember, what is one of our top goals at Asterisk Intelligence?

Building and empowering business intelligence talents at credit unions.

And that’s what we’re doing this week. All week. Doesn’t get any better.

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5 Replies to “Buckle In, It’s Training Time…”

  1. I just had one of our Marketing Assistants attend the Xtend Marketing Roundtable. She provided a very nice recap of the two day experience but nothing made me more excited then reading this in her ppt-> “While I liked the roundtable format better than the standard classroom style learning, the training sessions for the queries and dashboards were very helpful as well! Being able to see query work helped further solidify what I already know and I found myself thinking, ‘Oh! I know this!’ which was exciting.” I replied with, “Welcome to Query Land.”

    1. That’s so cool! Although I know learning to build custom queries is not an “A to Z” process, that’s what makes it SO rewarding when the work pays off and you can get excited about recognizing strategies and techniques – what a confidence-builder for her!

      The Xtend Marketing Roundtable query sessions were led by my colleague Brandon – check out his blog called The Data Flashlight too if you guys get a chance!

  2. I am so excited that I was able to attend the Asterisk Intelligence Week! Everyday we were learning so many new helpful tips and I especially enjoyed learning from the AI teams perspective. It’s interesting to see how wrong I have been looking at a dashboard! The setup was great and the team presented the information in a way that anyone from any level of expertise could understand.

    1. Thank you Shanna! I think what I’m hearing here is that you felt smarter by the time you went home from this event 😉 I do hope that’s the case because we present and teach all of these concepts with the hope that (as you said) anyone from any level of expertise can feel empowered with new knowledge and a plan for using new resources in their day-to-day. Love it.

      1. We ALL left feeling smarter and more confident! My team gave extremely positive feedback to the management team and highly recommended sending others the next time there is an AI week. Great job everyone!

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