Asterisk Intelligence Week! (Again)

And again, and again, and again, and again. 🙂

Last month we hosted our 2nd ever Asterisk Intelligence Week training event. (Read my thoughts on AI Week #1 here).

It’s definitely one of my favorite training events to do because we spend so much time with participants doing practical hands-on work. This time around interest was so high we had to create a waiting list! A great problem to have, but still a problem because we want everyone to have the benefit of this event.

Soooo…I hope I’m not giving away a secret here… but we have scheduled FOUR (4) sessions of Asterisk Intelligence Week on the 2019 education calendar! At the time of this writing I can’t give away exact dates for these sessions, but watch this page – Asterisk Intelligence Week – for the calendar of dates and official registration links to be posted soon.

The last group of participants were a lively bunch and I think everyone had some fun, even as we dove into the deeper technical side of using our Report Builder (Query) and Dashboard tools. We also discovered that one person in the group is an especially large fan of the Salted Caramel tea (which we now need to re-stock). ?

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