Happy (Belated) Birthday to the Internet

Did you know the internet “turned 30” in 2019. Yes, a few months ago back in March.

Mind. Blown.

The birthday seems to be tied to the date that Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for what he calls an information management system. A proposal is a proposal, it’s not the mechanics and a deliverable. But hey, it got approved and here we sit.

A story for a different day is the fact that this man, the originator himself, takes the view these days that the internet (he calls it the web) has organically become more often a case of misuse and dysfunction rather than positive value. A polarizing topic for some these days, and I am personally still working on forming my opinions on that one.

In the meantime… can we circle back for a moment to the fact that the internet is only 30 years old?!? Yes, it’s three decades, but that’s basically a quick sneeze within the scope of history and look how exponentially changed we are as a society from then to now.

So today I wish a belated Happy Birthday to the Internet. I am thankful for the Information Age and all it has made possible for me. But I also soberly hope the next 30 years of Internet technology and it’s applications are celebrated someday as a utility with value to the individual, rather than to others by using the individual.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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