The Future is Here!

The year of 2020 for Asterisk Intelligence is focused on two things – the theme of working to “Prove it” with data, and the idea of expanding access and use of your credit unions data to a new Audience. Hitting a new decade always make me a little reflective and one thing I realized recently was the lack of hype around data recently – at least not the kind we used to hear. Am I wrong?

Maybe I’m just de-sensitized to it now, or maybe it’s just “normal” to use and value analytics now – I think it’s the latter and I believe we’re in a new phase of data strategy. I recently wrote about this for CUSO Magazine in the article “Data is No Longer the Future, it is Today

Remember when the phrase “big data” was everywhere? In the analytics world every headline and strategy discussion was about big data and the need to manage it, tap into it, grow your business with it. We were practically beat over the head with the phrase and the urgent “why aren’t you into this nowwwwww!” mentality.

With just those two words the phrase “big data” does eloquently capture the situation: it’s big, it’s impactful, it’s far-reaching, and of course quite literally… it’s data.

But in recent years the urgency and omnipresence of big data messages seems to have slowed. I have a theory on this: I think it’s because data is now simply data. It is no longer “big” in our minds, it simply exists. It’s the future that is big and data is no longer the future, it is today.

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