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Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending about 45 minutes with a group of ladies who are considering CU*BASE as the next core processor for their credit union. It was a perfect occasion to cover the sheer volume of pre-defined data resources available. As I was talking through some of the details, it struck me that I should definitely be telling everybody else the numbers on just how many reports, dashboards, etc are out there.

As a data analyst, or even just a data-interested person…use these numbers to sound really smart when you’re talking to your colleagues about the work you do in reviewing and analyzing the data.

#* Type of Tool
89 Dashboards
123 Reports in CU*BASE
124 Reports in CU*Spy
40 Canned Queries
unlimited Custom Queries
75+ Analytics Booth**

*as of date this post is published.
**data points trended daily. doesn’t include additional data points found in dynamic dashboards.

Now that we’ve covered the important stuff, a hilarious little story…

So the group in the room is talking about post-conversion education plans and how education is such a part of the culture at CU*Answers – constantly available at any point post-conversion, including years down the road. Of course we’re currently in the middle of Asterisk Intelligence Week, and I jumped in with:

“Speaking of which, this very moment in the middle of a 5-day on-site training event over in a room a couple doors down”

One of the credit union ladies doesn’t even miss a beat and hits me with:

“Oh, so that’s all the snoring we were hearing earlier”

She got me good. My word, I wish I was that quick with the jokes. I walk into the room, never met any of the group before in my life, and one of them hits me in about 2 minutes flat. Some people think data and reporting are “dry” and “boring”….not with this group. It was a fun 45 minutes and I hope we meet again. 🙂

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4 Replies to “Know the Numbers”

  1. The chart is definitely a valuable reference tool Annalyn – Thank you!

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with a couple CU’s considering CU*Base as a new core as well now, and I have found consistently that the sheer volume of data available at my fingertips (something Honor has built an entire team around!) is not the norm. This is crucial, when you look at the direction of the industry. Being able to make intelligent, fact-based decisions using data supplemented by instinct and experience is the path to the future. Members have far too many options this day and age for any of us to get comfortable, but instead we must push forward and use the tools available to us to ensure we’re making the best decisions to have the best impact (and track the results to know when we miss the mark).

    Between GOLD and Analytics Booth, there is no shortage of data available, so all we need are the analysts (doesn’t have to be by title, just by passion!) to get in there, figure out what’s available, and then sell the value of that to the organization. This is what makes the AI initiative so important – with the trainings and offerings you have, you’re giving an avenue for CU’s to start tapping into their data-potential where before they may have had no clue on where to even begin.

    1. Exactly – You don’t need to have a certain title, only the passion and a curious mind. Great reminder and I always appreciate your insight Zak. Thank you!

  2. We are constantly talking about the volume of data collected by the core. It’s nice to be with a group that is doing something with it, and Bootcamp is definitely giving us dedicated time to really get into these resources. It is daunting when you see it broken out in the table, and even worse when counted by field (!), but if a CU can really see what data is available to them here, tons of business decisions for right now and the future are possible.

  3. There is so much data to look at it can be a little intimidating! However, it is great to have the ability to look at so much data and have it organized in such a way it can be read and organized. I enjoy reading your posts, the content is very interesting, and the humor helps add some fun. I look forward to future posts!

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