What is a View?

The term “View” is used by IBM to describe their DB2 solution for creating alternate ways to view data already stored in tables. Views bring increased clarity across a complex database – Did you know that at the time of this writing 600+ tables are indexed in the Database Search Assistant (Tool 332)?

Some of the best applications of Views include aggregation of tables, cleaning up date formats, better sorting patterns, and even introducing additional indicators or fields.

Anyone who writes queries in CU*BASE® already knows about the MEMBERx series and how it splits the records on open accounts into 6 separate tables. This is by design and will likely never change as our core table structure.

With recently published Views, you can cut your string query work by up to 50%. There’s no longer a need to spend time adding pieces of the pie to create a listing of the various sub-accounts a member might have.

How do they work?

Views do have their own table name, but are not an actual table. This means they cannot be downloaded or exported as-is.

As you consider how you might use Views in your queries, keep in mind a few key facts:

  • Data still lives and is maintained within the original “base” table
  • Data is a real-time representation of the current data within its origin table(s)
  • Aggregating multiple tables into one location is very powerful, but not every column from the origin tables will be included in a View.
  • A new description may be in place for some columns, but the short column/field names will typically remain unchanged.
  • Development of a new View requires programming and is processed through the normal CU*Answers SDLC (Software Development LifeCycle) routine



DB2 – An IBM term for their Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS) which is used by CU*Answers as part of the IBM i core processing database known as CU*BASE®.

View – A DB2 solution for alternative ways of representing and using data stored in database tables, without altering the original table.

Database Search Assistant – A search tool within the CU*BASE® system which holds an index of the majority of available member and processing tables, plus their columns

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