The Lightbulb Went Off! Rate Inquiry Looks up Configurations for You

This is something amazing to me – Rate Inquiry – I’ve known about it literally from day 1 learning about CU*BASE GOLD (I’m not kidding… day 1 training!) but I only just recently learned of a “trick” involving this feature that puts the whole thing in a shiny new light. So interesting, and it is truly humbling to be in a position where our job is to be an expert, but in spite of all the work and all the things we know there’s always something new to learn, a new way to think of things, and new relationships to learn it all from.

Thank you to the participant who visited us for the August session of Asterisk Intelligence Week and shared this “lightbulb moment” tip.

So, Rate Inquiry holds all your share (checking & savings) and certificate configurations in one convenient place. Notice I didn’t mention loans. Rate Inquiry does have a “Loans” button but it will only show you the product codes which most of us only very rarely use. You’ll still want to use other resources to view your loan category codes. There are many view-only solutions to do this – just ask me if you want to know how.

Update 2019-08-30 – A reader emailed me to share that you actually CAN review your loan category list through Rate Inquiry. I love it!! Once you’re looking at the loan product codes there is a small look-up feature located on the “Loan Category” button in the bottom-right.

So, with just one additional click under the “Loans” button of Rate Inquiry you really do have an all-encompassing look-up feature!

Classically the feature is helpful for member support roles as they need to look up and share your credit union’s current rates with members.

But for the analyst and report writers in the world – We can use Rate Inquiry as a resource to look up more than rates. We are interested in finding those configurations of Dividend Applications or Certificate Type codes for use in queries or tools (ahem, List Generator). It’s extremely useful when you need to know the exact numbers or letters of the code to that “eChecking” product, but you haven’t memorized all your configs yet (who does unless they have to!).

Or, perhaps you’ve been asked to build a custom query that needs specific products picked out. Often the person who’s requesting a report knows best what they want. Rather than guess, you can tell them how to open up Rate Inquiry and ask them to please use that feature to find and send back to you the details of which exact codes they’re interested in. You can’t do maintenance on the codes through this – so it’s safe!

How to Access Rate Inquiry

  1. From the main menu of CU*BASE – Click the big % symbol in the top-right menu or hit the F7 key.
  2. From any screen in CU*BASE hit the escape (ESC) key and click Rate Inquiry (bottom-right)

But best of all – just about EVERYBODY will automatically have authority to pull this up. There’s no need to wait for tool authority to be given. Now you’ll always, from any screen, be able to look up all that specialty checking account code, or the exact code for your youth certificate, etc.

Enjoy! I’m curious to hear about any other similar tips on how you navigate around and get the information you need on a daily basis. Is there anything that really saved you a ton of time or happiness when you first learned it?

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