Good Read: How Would You Visualize Hurricanes

I have been thinking a lot about charts lately. We’re currently at a point in the cycle of software development that requires submitting the next set of projects to improve or create our Visual Analytics Tools (VAT) elements of CU*BASE. There are a few places where we have charts but we know they aren’t the…Read More

Good Read: A proof-of-concept has got me thinking…

Here’s something a little fun in the world of data – Mark Wilson’s recent article, “The humble receipt gets a brilliant redesign,” spotlights a proof-of-concept for a grocery receipt design that organizes and visualizes your purchases in a meaningful and informative way. The person who created this proof-of-concept, Susie Lu, is a data visualization engineer…Read More

The Lightbulb Went Off – A Pie and a Bar

Have you ever really thought about what kind of chart to use when you’re graphing data? True Confession: I never did. I just went on instinct and blind luck until I began working and learning as a data analyst. Now, I definitely do realize how valuable visualizations are for communicating data. But I worry that…Read More