Good Read: A proof-of-concept has got me thinking…

Here’s something a little fun in the world of data – Mark Wilson’s recent article, “The humble receipt gets a brilliant redesign,” spotlights a proof-of-concept for a grocery receipt design that organizes and visualizes your purchases in a meaningful and informative way.

The person who created this proof-of-concept, Susie Lu, is a data visualization engineer at Netflix during the day, and she is passionate enough about her work that in her personal time she thinks of ways to apply her skills to innovation outside her workplace as well. Her motivation especially caught my eye:

“I was compelled to think of ways that data visualization could be used to redesign everyday experiences…”

It’s a simple idea, with expansive possibility. What are your ideas for how your role or specialty could use data in new ways to redesign everyday experiences for yourself or your members?

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