Good Read: How Would You Visualize Hurricanes

I have been thinking a lot about charts lately. We’re currently at a point in the cycle of software development that requires submitting the next set of projects to improve or create our Visual Analytics Tools (VAT) elements of CU*BASE. There are a few places where we have charts but we know they aren’t the “best” chart for visualizing the data. This is something we talk about regularly and work on with each release.

Along that line of thinking, I have been doing some exploratory research on this topic and came across this fantastic example of a published chart being deeply evaluated for accuracy, readability, and message… then being re-made 60 different ways. Yes, SIXTY different ways with varying points and visualizations.

Read this article and check out the various re-makes if you’re interested:

how you would visualize hurricanes on

What do you think? Let me know which of the makeovers resonated the most with you. What ones did you think were WAY off-base? My favorites are from Matthew P and Meike G.

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